"The Apple" Movie


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Welcome to the blog for the new feature film, “The Apple”.  Based on the real life story of a man who perpetrated one of the greatest literary frauds ever about The Holocaust, Herman Rosenblat.  A man who Oprah Winfrey said had the greatest love story ever told on her show until it was ripped to shreds in one of the most sensational and controversial stories of 2009!  Was he a pathological liar motivated by greed and fame or a man trapped in his own private “Life is Beautiful” shattered by the demons of the horror he endured? A new script by Ivo Marloh tells the inside story of Herman Rosenblat told through the eyes of his real life producer Harris Salomon.  Similar to Al Pacino in the Oscar winning film “The Insider”, “The Apple” takes us inside the world of the producer and his subject as they criss cross the world in preparation for the filming of the greatest love story ever told .  How could a man who lost his mother, father and his world to The Holocaust hoodwink his producer, his wife and the planet? The answer is, “The Apple”.


Producer Harris Salomon and Herman Rosenblat

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Picture taken at the Holocaust Museum in New York after Rosenblat received an award as best author.  Neither Salomon nor the world knew of the hoax at that time.

People associated with the real life story of the “greatest love story of all time”.

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Oprah Winfrey

Roma Rosenblat. wife

Kenneth Rosenblat.  Son.

Renee Enea. Rosenblat’s Daughter.

Lew Rywin producer #1. Poland

Thierry Potok producer #2. France

Gabor Koltai producer #3. Hungary.

Penelope Holt. White Plains author who tried to explain Rosenblat’s lies in fiction and then breeched her contract with Atlantic Overseas Pictures.

Dick Contino.  Holt’s husband and owner of York House Press in White Plains.

Deborah Lipstadt.  Holocaust historian.  Well meaning and righteous, yet undiplomatic.

Kenneth Waltzer. Holocaust historian. Well meaning and righteous, yet more undiplomatic.

Peter Kubicek. Holocaust survivor who contributed to and strongly supported Holt’s book.

Barbara Rosenblat. Rosenblat’s actress niece who wanted a role in the movie.

Danny Bloom. Mystery man in Taiwan. The brains behind the outing of the Rosenblat hoax.

Matt Salzberg. Writer of the first screenplay about Herman Rosenblat, “The Fence”.

Sara Mandel. Atlantic Overseas Pictures attorney.

Gregory Segal. Atlantic Overseas Pictures attorney.

Andrea Hurst. Herman Rosenblat book agent.

Gabriel Sherman. New Republic reporter.

Dan Harris. Good Morning America reporter.